We look forward to personally advise you

in the creation of your internet presence.


Personal consultancy

We think it's important that your prospects and customers feel comfortable on your site.

Therefore, we take our time for advice and conception, before we start creating your website.


The better we understand your individual needs, the more detailed we can make an estimate.

Contact us!

Price indication

Approximate guideline for the production costs of a web site (design and publishing):

  • Web business card (1 page) CHF 200.- to 400.-*
  • Small web site (3-10 pages) CHF 1'000.- to 7'000.-*
  • Medium web site (10-50 pages) CHF 5'000.- to 20'000.-*
  • Large web site (more than 50 pages) from CHF 9'000.-*

*) These prices are noncommittal and give an approximate reference range for a web site production.

Detailed quote

The price is not strictly correlated to the number of pages; prices are based on the initial expenditure for the layout/design of the web site.

Additional costs arise with requirements for providing/preparing contents (texts, pictures) and with the development of interactive or dynamic web site elements.

Please let us know your specific requirements, so we can provide a detailed quote.


Terms and conditions (pdf, in German)


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